How to buy contact lenses online in singapore

Buying contact lenses online is a great way to save both time and money, but there are a few things to check to make sure you have a good experience – and receive good quality, original, safe lenses.
Here are 5 things to know before ordering contact lenses online.


1. You need a prescription 


Authentic contact lenses

As per Singapore law, contact lenses can only be dispensed if you hold a valid prescription, meaning a prescription established by a registered optometrist less than one year ago. This ensures that your eyes have been examined by an expert recently and deemed suitable for wearing contact lenses. 

Haven’t checked your eyes in a long time? Don’t hold a prescription? No worries: book a complimentary eye test with SeeChic and our optometrist will see you at our Telok Ayer office or at your location. And if you do hold a prescription, we'll simply verify it with your optometrist.



2. Buy only from authorized suppliers


Authentic contact lenses

Some stores offer great prices because they are selling old lenses, or have supply that is not really reputable. 

Order from an authorized supplier to make sure the contact lenses you are buying are actually original and have not been sitting in a warehouse for too long, since contacts are actually perishable.

As an authorized supplier based in Singapore, SeeChic carries only genuine contact lenses, and our stringent expiration date policy means you will never receive an old box of contact lenses.



3. Know your contacts, don’t change brands on a whim 


Authentic contact lenses

After examining your eyes, your optometrist will recommend a certain brand and model based on the ideal fit for your eyes, so don’t go and try every model by yourself. Want to switch from monthly lenses to daily colored lenses? Ask your optometrist to make sure they are the right fit for you.

At SeeChic, our optometrists are available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions on contact lenses and can recommend new lenses based on your eye exam, on the lenses you currently wear and on how you tolerate them.



4. Check reviews


Authentic contact lenses

It can be hard to judge if an online store is actually reliable – or even still open for business. Reviews are a great way to see if you can trust a store: have others purchased from this site recently? How did their experience go? An especially interesting point to check is seeing how bad experiences are handled: does the store even reply to them? Do they explain the situation, offer a solution or just ignore it?

At SeeChic, nothing makes our day like hearing about a client's experience, and we're always trying to improve based on the feedback we receive. So we're super proud of the reviews we receive on our Facebook page.



5. Save on price! 


Authentic contact lenses

With no expensive storefront to rent and the ability to order large quantities from manufacturers, online stores can pass on the savings directly to customers.

But when you see a low price online, make sure that there is no hidden charge: is delivery included? Will the payment incur currency conversion fees or customs import fees? 

At SeeChic, all prices include free delivery and returns in Singapore, as well as complimentary eye-tests by our optometrists whenever you need it. Because most of all, we care about your eye care.


Shop contact lenses on SeeChic 


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